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💨 Dashing Away Emoji

Noun gas Wind the wind Wind Blowing fast The fart after taco bell smoke juicy one stanky fart wιnd or Ò“arÑ‚ A gust of wind coming from the mouth of Quife Thing pure stank Fart 420 BLAZE IT Wet fart man Hannah My bæ spit Tiger Flower SULFUR Fart smoke On my way Mushroom A blow of wind wheed eliza Foot Flatulant WEED Wing, gas AIR wind from the west Place Dust Nature's Air Cloud Dog toot Smoke from smoking weed hi U Box Away 💨 RUN
Verb fart blow to blow To go fast blowing Farting poofy break wind fart stankily Fast A thin gust of strong wind coming toward stankin Fart production To Run 420 BLAZE IT Silent but deadly To fart Turnt She needs to dab Combined with a lipstick kiss, it's ptoo Blows To trump sqrirt runny To blow wind Smoke weed Farted To stomp WEED TO BREATHE Oops I might've gotten some poop ju Jump to fly/let loose toot I can blow out wind angry 💨 AAA
Adjective smelly gust strong windy fast smoking stanky ѕмelly Thin,strong,cold/hot. Thin Smelly, putrid, nice Air,Cold,Fast,Run,Go 420 BLAZE IT Stinky/windy Stank Gray She loves dabbing Cloudy Funny wet thick high asf😴 Stinky smelled Bones WEED Cold SURVIVE invisible Juicy wet Lovely Flu fragrant Speedy Fluffy toot Fart Farting Fast gust of wind Calm weed swehued fes Flatulences Idk AAAA
Definition Blowing Those awkward moments of bodily betrayal. A quick increase in air flow Icon denotes strong, possibly dangerous winds. this is wind This is a gust of wind. A gust of air тнιÑ• мeanÑ• тнe wιnd ιÑ• вlowιng or Ñ•oмeone нaÑ• leÑ‚ looÑ•e a Ò“arÑ‚ A storm is coming. gas from weed This emoji means that if your running and your going cast it's kicking dust/wind to the people behind you. Farting It means I can have world peace I join this with a pucker-lipped smile face and lipstick mark to blow a kiss. Example: 😙💨💋 I farted White, puffy, and stuffy lol queef A fart smoke weed every day😎🌿 farting puppy You are walking somewhere or to something Fart cloud IT MEANS THAT I BREATHE AIR TO SURVIVE wind is blowing from the west Juicy fluffy fart The person ran very fast The fluffy dog ran far The fluffy dog ran far. Smoking toot Fart Wind blowing out of a cloud coming from the sky FARTY FART 💨 frating emoji smoking or vaping Iffk FUNY
Example of Use I farted gas and it was smelly. How windy is it?. the wind took my patio furniture. You were driving really fast.. During the storm the wind was blowing strongly.. I blew the smoke from my cigar ...Bish dat was stanky... dat one stanky fart... bish just farted stankily a gυÑ•Ñ‚ oÒ“ wιnd вlew neÑ…Ñ‚ Ñ‚o мy Ñ•eaÑ‚. ι gυeÑ•Ñ• Ñ•oмeone нaÑ• leÑ‚ Ñ•oмeтнιng looÑ•e. wake and bake "I just blew a stinker dude. 💨" As I raced Margaret in a race. I felt her struggling behind me as I ran up ahead and she felt all the wind in her face. (🏃🏽💨) YAS I like to 💨 Hey Hannah , want to get stoned tonight 😂😂 World peace is a beautiful thing The smoke makes the room stuffy. 'Fart' That's better That wasn't me When put behind animal it is a _______ fart SMOKE WEED EVERY DAY My foot is stomping up in he stairs and i can see my bonesn I did a big 💨 I WANT TO LIVE SO I BREATHE AIR. The invisible wind is blowing the clothes on the clothesline. The seat was tortured as the Teacher let loose Nature's Air Cloud of air from someone running so fast The fluffy dog ran far The fluffy dog ran far. toot Fart Eww, he farted!!! It was a windy day He iss Idk RUN Stinky!😛💨🤢