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🌀 Cyclone Emoji

Noun roll Swirl cyclone spiral Swirly wirly Snake or worm. Hurricane Matthew? Sambucca Moana Fibonacci Spiral WWWEEEEEEEEE spin
Verb to circle Swirling to storm spiraling Around and around and around Slither. Sambucca Moana Approximation WWWEEEEEEEEE spin
Adjective ongoing To swirl disastrous blue around Slimey Sambucca Moana Golden WWWEEEEEEEEE spin
Definition This is a shrinking loop. Lines Icon denotes a cyclone a squiggly line that coils in a circle To circle inward Death It is the symbol from the movie Moana a + b ÷ a = a ÷ b WWWEEEEEEEEE spin
Example of Use Keep making the loop smaller until you reach the middle.. I like to draw swirls. There is an active cyclone warning.. The swirling line design on the curtains was cool.. I am spiraling down. I died because Kathy gave me a sambucca I love the movie MπŸŒ€ana that Disney made The Golden Ratio WWWEEEEEEEEE spin