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🛃 Customs Emoji

Noun security guard security customs Customs Agent cashier Jungle Face securty gaurd Γ°ΕΈβ€ΊΖ’ man k Shield
Verb to check to search Examine to cash 2 cash Sitting To stick tongue out To exist Exist Security guard checks k Shield
Adjective efficient sketchy inspected Suspicious service Vigilant That is yellow Guard the person k Blue Shield
Definition This is a security guard. this is security guard searching This icon denotes customs inspection. This is a customs officer. This is a cashier Homework To be Checking security point check k Moderation.
Example of Use The security guard looked in the suitcase.. Step over here for customs.. The customs inspectors were vigilant.. I paid for my purchases at the cashier.. Vigilant Customs guard: why do you have a condom attached to a tampon with a sign saying intermediate difficulty? You: that's a long story Custom security There are many houses. There exists many houses Checking personal k Moderation.