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🍮 Custard Emoji

Noun dessert Hat Flan cake Creme Caramel Creme brûlée edible thing
Verb to eat Dropping serve To crave Eat tasting or slurping 😊
Adjective savory big delicous sugary Sweet tasty delicous! Soft and yummy
Definition A piece of sweet dessert. clothing to protect head from sun A sweet spanish desert This is a piece of cake. This is flan. A French butter keeper food It's a dessert called a baked custard with caramel sauce It's a French dessert they should serve this in mcdonalds it means a treat😊 a tasty treat😊
Example of Use We ate the dessert.. He is wearing a leather hat. She served a delicous Flan for desert. He ate the cake for dessert.. His favorite dessert was flan, the way his mother made it back in Mexico.. Can I please have a creme caramel for dessert? cake is to eat, it is tasty I ate the baked custard with caramel sauce For dessert I would like a creme brûlée i 💗 a tasty treat, they are a edible thing, you could be tasting or slurping,and its delicous!