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crying face

😢 Crying Face Emoji

Noun crying face sadness person trauma face Sad Emoji sad AWWW face dog water Charlize ✍
Verb cry
Adjective sad sad, sadly bad tearful Touched my heart fluffy noob Depress it Pedro
Definition This is a sad face. to cry a tear, to be sad, crying to make a person sad Upset The face cried. sad, left out and unhappy get dunpt Tear jerker face. Not necessarily sad. For example a love story, a doggie adoption, heart touching. Surprised When mixed with πŸ”₯ Emoji the definition is "you just got BURNED" a noob Sad because Charlize and Pedro broke up A running fluffy dog
Example of Use You made a happy person unhappy.. His tearful face expressed his trauma. This is a crying face.. I just read a story about a child that had been adopted after years of no one wanting him. The fluffy dog ran away I'm so sad I'm crying so much😒 anoob is a noiob They were a nic couple but something wrong came through them The fluffy dog ran far