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😢 Crying Face Emoji

Noun crying face sadness person trauma face Sad Emoji sad dog water Charlize ✍ Sad face peson
Verb cry to be sad express to cry tears running down to get dumped Tear jerker to run Crying wet sponge Sad Crys torn
Adjective sad sad, sadly bad tearful Touched my heart fluffy noob Depress it Pedro
Definition This is a sad face. to cry a tear, to be sad, crying to make a person sad Upset The face cried. sad, left out and unhappy get dunpt Tear jerker face. Not necessarily sad. For example a love story, a doggie adoption, heart touching. Surprised a noob Sad because Charlize and Pedro broke up A running fluffy dog feeling devestatetion
Example of Use You made a happy person unhappy.. His tearful face expressed his trauma. This is a crying face.. I just read a story about a child that had been adopted after years of no one wanting him. The fluffy dog ran away I'm so sad I'm crying so much😒 anoob is a noiob They were a nic couple but something wrong came through them The fluffy dog ran far