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cowboy hat face

🤠 Cowboy Hat Face Emoji

Noun coboy Cowboy Redneck banker
Verb Cowboy whips his horse Here's period yeast for your deposit
Adjective Wild
Definition A cowboy lives in the desert What's he doing with my toothbrush!?
Example of Use Augh! A cowboy's attacking me help! Redneck jokes 1.What does a redneck do when his dishwasher stops working? A: Slap her on the ass and tell her to get back to work 2.Why don't they allow rednecks into Sea World? A: Because fishing poles are not allowed 3.What do you call an European Orgy? A snowball What do you call a Black Orgy? Mud Wrestling What do you call a Redneck Orgy? FAMILY REUNION! 😂