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© Copyright Emoji

Noun copyright symbol Copyright C Honestly don't know what this is Spider C inside of a circle Dog ©rap © Peach Hole YouTube WHAT IS THIS EMOJIIII. Cuz idk
Verb signify To copyright To Write signifying Protect To circle a c To run To ©rap Copying someone. © Enter Briskly YouTube *ick
Adjective round Protected Writing legal personal Very circular Fluffy Bolded Weird ©rap Copying © Hairy Adventure YouTube Dip*hit
Definition This is a copyright symbol. This is Alphabet C A symbol to notify that something is protected and owned. I way of signifying that a work is copywrited ;-D Alot Love ©rap Copyright © YouTube I have no *ing idea
Example of Use Use the copyright symbol to signify that your work is protected.. He took his videos off YouTube when he was accused of copyright infringement.. He is writing Alphabet C. The copyright symbol on the logo showed that it was protected under law.. I used a copywrite to protect my personal writings.. Is this the real life? Or is this just Fanta "C" heh I love dogs. The copy right symbol is bolded ©rap I'm sending a copyright infringement notice. © YouTube ITS BS