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construction worker

👷 Construction Worker Emoji

Noun health worker helmet medic Dog Stoner a depressed middle aged construction worker who is contempla Sarcasm Police Idiot Boy hurt #health DEPRESSION
Verb to care working safety help to feel Stoned to be a depressed middle aged construction worker Nuts Use of sarcasm To do idiot things #health I CRI EVRI TIM
Adjective yellow hard safe sad Loaded depressed, middle aged Nuts Sarcastic #health YOUR DEPRESSED COWORKER
Definition this is a health worker This is a hard hat. safety helmet This is a medic who looks sad. This is being sick. Weed clinic I'm stoned, loaded, high. salad of the sals He is depressed and should go back to college, apply himself and earn his bachelors degree When texting sarcastically add this emoji to the end of your text #health 😵😭😭😵😵🤐🤐😪😓😩😫😖😲
Example of Use we have to find someone to help us. The worker is wearing a hard hat.. The helmet safes the head in workplace. The medic will help anyone who is in need.. The boy is sick.. I'm too 👷🏽 (stoned) to drive over right now. bob the builder salad + sal the depressed middle aged man hammers his sorrows and regrets away at the construction site (Sarcastic comment) #healthconsrustionworker JOHN LOOK AT YOUR DEPRESSED COWORKERS 👷👷👷👷👷👷👷👷👀