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🚧 Construction Emoji

Noun Bench BARRIER road block Guardrail guard rail kitchen bench kitchen Swing TANGINA MO JHEPOY DIZON DC CONSTRUCTION School Bench
Verb To sit block stop To prohibit to protect Stay Sit Swing BEAT ENERGY GAP
Adjective Sitting STRIPED cautious Blocked-off warning Stay Hard Seinging
Definition This is a bench a way of keeping people away This is a road block This is a guardrail. This is a warning rail. You sit on it Paul and Linda held hands as they sat on their backyard swing together, Get winning energy Ready for school and play Be a champ every day!
Example of Use People always sit in bench. the striped barrier blocked access to the construction site. You had better stop soon.. The guardrail was helpful in preventing accidents.. The guard rail warned drivers to stay away.. I'm going to sit on the bench VILLAGE YAN