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💥 Collision Emoji

Noun explosion crash comic Firecracker Bam Joker Mind kumekucha bagrvfvv cat sum firework Pow BOOM!!! Pineapple spark stupid hammer Colin Alex nisa nazirah Thing Radom Toilet ka-boom and your dead!!! BOOM! 🌊 Bang Boom boom boy Katsuki Bakugou boom boom cracle flip no!! IM GONNA DIE!!!
Verb explode to explode to zap sparked flash Poof, detonate Poof dawn play explosion Booming Firecracker To cook to shatter violently idiot dumby head sobbing School 🤔🏃💣 Mawies powers BOOM Chaotic boooooooom
Adjective amazing bright explosive powerful spark early in the morning Sharp fluffy sparky Bombastic Bombasticly Fire boom Strawberry lit dumb Hot Smashing Boom firework
Definition To explode is to be amazed. This is a bright explosion. something detonatiing This symbol is used in comics to show power. This is a firecracker Brain _r__k_ it means i have to wake up early fireball harambe an explosion, firework, something of excitement Boom boom boom boom boom ... Boom Boom yeah. 💥 i use it to put when something is lit kind of like the fire emoji ant head I has a dumb, sobbing hammer Crushing You are hot Someone had a blast ha ha ha Love Pig 🐷 Let's bang Katsuki Bakugou KING EXPLOSION BOOM BOOM collision
Example of Use The explosion went POW, like a cartoon.. Batman zapped the Joker.. Do you have the firecrackers?. The flash of lightning shocked the night sky. it is early in the morning Poem by Baldric of Black Adder 🃏 Boom boom boom Baby your a 💥 A light to flash quickly last night was lit. The sobbing hammer is so dumb, it tried to eat a shoe Colin school hot crushing You are smashing ‪i smoke everyday i dont need to wait for 4/20‬ Love with collision emoji Good night ma'am Baby lets 💥👌🏻 DEKUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU FORWARD MARCHING HERE WE GO MEMBERS OF THE AGENTCY BAKUGO KATSUKI boom boom