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🥶 Cold Face Emoji

Noun cold face Smiley cold Iced Ice, snow poop freeze A very cold person Thing frezing cuh person diamonds Drippy Smile Human happy face F Th rj Hot KSI ICY I come on my face rn H
Verb To freeze freeze Running Flexin He's shaking freezing iced Ice cold Smiling Freezingly freezing Fjrk Ele Cold :sheesh: guys freez come on my face rn H
Adjective Cold icy Nice Someone that is cold freezing cuh drip Ice in Veins Smile J Jdjd Hot when ur very cold and need a blanket (XD) come on my face rn H
Definition Brrrrr cold , freezing Iced out Freezing it means cold Blue it means there is a snow storm cowing icy Γ’Ββ€ž iced out, drip Happy Jdjrn Kelsl Cold sheesh b come on my face rn H
Example of Use Face The emoji runs cold Yo u looked iced our Yo u looked iced out Someone that is covered in freezing water its freezing here Γ°ΕΈΒ₯ΒΆ Ice on blue face ayo cuh get ready the snow flakes are coming Cold Cold of gods I am happy today Ima cold Nfmfm Dndn Hot hop in my Mozart i got bans fool dont you play wit me i call the popo come on my face rn H