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👏 Clapping Hands Emoji

Noun hands hand Clap Boston Dog Sarcasm uau Turtles Congratulations neck Yay 😊 Doritos To appaulse STD Everyone clap!!! YAY GOOD JOB yay Clapping hands clapling clapping hand
Verb clap to clap Clapping Slap uau Applause Being happy for someone's neck Applause , Clap catching Obtaining the clap Jk AWSOME JOB awsome
Adjective loud excited To clap rough clapping like mad Fluffy Claping Congratulatory neck White Happy birthday to me Dirty Got skills? YELLOW HANDS good for you Congratulations
Definition Let's clap our hands. hands clapping Putting your hands together in applause To clap hands together These are clapping hands. Appluase clapping for the great show in Boston sarcasum Hearty Congratulations Sarcastic expression uau To give applause When I do things we'll people send me this emoji Getting ready to neck someone Applause this emoji is clapping and could maybe be used for sarcasm or honest clapping. like saying well done. Well done! Some one catching Doritos Great job for doing something stupid The clapping emoji is used when an individual is trying to tell another individual that they have the std known as "clap" PAIN YAY AWSOME JOB To cheer on
Example of Use Give her a hand.. I clapped at the concert. Please hold your clap til the end.. The person is clapping to express gratitude.. I clapped my hands loudly The show was swept with applause from the audience The rough hands struggle to clap for the great show in Boston. *clap...clap...clap...* went Amy when Jimmy FINALLY finished his 2 paged book well done the girl said as she slaped her hands together and made a loud noise uau Hands giving applause while clapping You got them all correct - [Hands Clapping] this was sarcasm btw. My Doritos are falling, I shall catch them Ben has clap person ðŸℒ…🏾‍Γ’β„’β€šΓ―ΒΈΒ YAY GOOD FOR YOU YAY good for you.