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🌆 Cityscape At Dusk Emoji

Noun buildings city skyline New York Γ˜Β§Γ˜Β­Γ™β€¦Γ˜Β―
Verb tall build to watch to view setting shopping Γ˜Β§Γ˜Β­Γ™β€¦Γ˜Β―
Adjective taller tall lit pretty golden fun Γ˜Β§Γ˜Β­Γ™β€¦Γ˜Β―
Definition its a very big buildings This is a lit city at night. a group of building silhouettes The view of a city as the sun sets Γ˜Β§Γ˜Β­Γ™β€¦Γ˜Β―
Example of Use rectangle shape buildings. They looked at the night sky of the city.. We viewed the city skyline from our hotel.. The setting sun gave the skyline a golden glow. Γ˜Β§Γ˜Β­Γ™β€¦Γ˜Β―