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Ⓜ Circled M Emoji

Noun subway letter the messenger Melora Dog Poopy woopy poo-sign
Verb ride to write to spell to message to label Melora To run Mmm’s
Adjective crowded blue spell instant large Melora Fluffy Blue like a drop of water 💦 💧
Definition Metropolitan Transit System This is a letter M. this is the letter m This is an instant messenger icon This is the letter M. Melora
Example of Use There is a 15-minute delay on all express trains.. It looks like a capital M&M.. the girl tries to use words with m in them. I sent you an instant message about that.. The letter M means this is a metro stop.. Melora Dogs are very fluffy and like to run in ...Γ’β€œβ€šΓ―ΒΈΒ'S 😝