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🚬 Cigarette Emoji

Noun Cigarette Cigaratte cancer stick not good yo mumma Death Bad Micky Lillie smoking Money maker for Atherton QLD druggies Cigy Smoke Smoke break Ujj
Verb To Smoke Smoking smoke 1580-= 1580-=[p0iuytweryu[p]poiuytrtyuiop[ Gives cancer Death Bad Rub Njj
Adjective Lit Smokable dirty Smoky deadly Ciggy Death trap Don't smoke Bad Nice Collecting relax Smookin Bh
Definition This is a lit Cigarette Cigaratte is used for smoking This is a cigarette. To smoke a cigarette a tobacco product Cancer An object that gives cancer and kills DEATH DEFINITELY OMG smoke weed everyday Smoke Bad for health Lillie is fast and nice If you walk around Atherton QLD during the day and see hobos they will look for cigarettes on the ground and then walk to a house located past the reject shop somewhere and they sell them for money to make 1-2c a cigarette depending on usability and some they don't accept so if you get 1000 cigarettes you can buy a meal at McDonald's yay 😊 Time to smoke Hhj
Example of Use I don't want to smoke. Cigaratte smoking is not good for health. Do you have a cigarette?. He is smoking a cigarette.. Many people continue to smoke their deadly cigarettes. Many companies have stopped giving employees several breaks per day to enjoy a cancer stick. Bad stick that gives you cancer I hate cigarettes Hfjfhfhfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfj Shut it Bad for health Lillie is fast and is nice A bad smoking habit that may cause dead Every day I see them hobos but also they can be intimidating so if they intimidate you just punch them in the face they usually understand 🀾🏿‍Γ’β„’β€šΓ―ΒΈΒ smoken It's time for a smoke break Ujj