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🌰 Chestnut Emoji

Noun nut Coconut Nuth pumpkin onion Acorn Hazelnut Squirrel walnut almond Chestnut Cool poo Onnion Nounnnnnnnnnnnnnn Meatball
Verb eat To Eat to cook to slice run Nuts Onion Γ™β€‘Γ™Ε Γ˜ΒͺΓ™Ε Γ™β€‘Γ˜Β―Γ˜Β±Γ˜Β³Γ˜Β¬ go on youtube and sub 2 The Roblox Noobz exsits
Adjective brown Eatable strong nutritious stinky healthy and sub to Elle w/ a bear face at the end pointy
Definition brown nut This is a coconut a hard walled seed This is a pumpkin. this is an onion Nut healthy and 2 SeziCorn everything
Example of Use I wonder if the squirrel will eat this nut. Eating Coconut is good for skins. hard nut to crack. Pumpkin is a vegetable.. did you forget the onions. An ACORN fell out of the tree. Nuts are healthy for you Mary is nuts because she doesn't know this is a chestnut and not an acorn Ill message you when I get off the pointy nut exists, it means everything