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🌸 Cherry Blossom Emoji

Noun Flower Cherry Blossom Beautiful bob is a thing ok
Verb Purity to pick To show Sympathy to smell living FLOWERY Bloom 🌸 i rlly dunno sorreh dudz 🌸
Adjective Lovely pretty pink beautiful Grown Big its pink, pink pink pnik pnik? pig :D
Definition Flowers are beautiful This is a flower. This is a Flower A plant that grows colorful leaves filled with pollen FLOWERS kind of Hawaiian hippie feels If yr ROADMAN Steal virginity 🌸 Its a floweerrrrrrrrrrrr and it smells niceeeeeeeeeeeee
Example of Use Flowers are used to Express Love. She picked a pretty purple flower from the garden.. I love Flowers. let's go to the garden store. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom in Washington, DC.. FLOWERS THAT ARE PINK ROADMAN RO 🌸 Da gurl picked up a flower ok :D