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🍒 Cherries Emoji

Noun Cherry Cherries boobs Da testicles Twin I LOVE CHERRIES!!!!!!!!!! tiddies b o o b i e t e s t i c l e s
Verb To decorate To eat pick to eat tasty foods Jumped Eating JUST EAT IT tiddies
Adjective Tasty Fruity red small food Juicy JUICY TESTICLES Red, Round, Etc. CHERRIES ARE MY FAVORITE FOOD tiddies
Definition Small round shaped red fruit These are cherries. These are red cherries. A red berry with a seed inside there are 2 cherries FOOD NOM Delicious Something you can eat, nothing mutch. FOOD; ETC tiddies
Example of Use Cherry on top. The cherries were sweet and juicy.. Pick the cherries from the tree.. The cherries are ready to be eaten.. there is a cherry tree in my backyard. I LIKE FOOD The juicy twin cherrys jumed up they where ate something so delicious I ate the red cherry. LOL I LOVE CHERRIES TIDDIES