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🎏 Carp Streamer Emoji

Noun Fish Carp Streamer Kite May 5 - Children's Day Kit two fishes trying to get off a pole that Monkey dog Person Kites
Verb drink flying To Catch streaming fish tank Electrocute stuck to fly Kitesurfing to run Kite
Adjective fast striped Catching colorful fish moves hurt Kite Hard fluffy Holding a kite fly
Definition sea animal with fins These are flying fish. This is fish A kite like object used in Japanese celebration fishes Carp (koinobori) flags are flown on May 5th, Children's Day, in Japan. two fishes trying to get off a pole that they got stuck on while trying to find food and now they dont know what to do It's my life Kite celebrating
Example of Use There are thousand kinds of fish in the sea. The fish flew in the wind.. Fisherman is catching Fish. The carp streamer had colorful fish on it. fish is swimming in water. omg im stuck at work and i dont know what to do plz come help me Kite celebrating kite fliyng