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🌵 Cactus Emoji

Noun Cactus Prick Vibrator ella dag 🦔 Stick this up your bottom thing
Verb poke living To be sharp to prick grow be cool to run
Adjective Prickly spiky painful green dry beautiful fluffy
Definition This is a spiky cactus. A plant found in dry locations with prickly thorns to protect water it stores inside This is a cactus A type of plant shown here. a plant that grows in the desert A vibrator (rabbit) (masturbatory device) she is who i want to be 🦔 I hate you is a green plant with thorns Cactus
Example of Use Be careful not to get poked by the spiky cactus.. There are thousands of cactus in Arizona.. I hurt myself by touching a cactus. I pricked my finger on the cactus.. The cactus can grow in the dry desert.. The silly cactus told his friend Joe that he seriously needed a spray tan. ella is being cool over there dont get close to the cactus it can cut u/