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busts in silhouette

👥 Busts In Silhouette Emoji

Noun Busts in sillhouette shadow shadows silhouettes people Business person A stalker Men Couple Persen meme Stalker Diks Group man Dog Ghost Shadow creatures YOUR NAN YOUR NANS NAN Josh Men/Women
Verb standing
Adjective blue shadowy hidden manly Shadow Weird Fun Couple Dangerous fluffy Stalking Diks handsome Transparent SOFT Cute Dark
Definition signifies more than one person This is a shadow behind a person. This is a shadow of two men. One blue silhouette is in front of the other one. These are two people. Talking to someone stalker Qsajdjfhas,dkhaelgdjhvbvhoquerqoerubvhbcbdhvbcbcbcbcbcbcbcbcbcbxbcbcbcbcbcbc. Bcbuywgbrergwrbhuowtgrohurgrbuoyerwfuhuofhvhvbvjccsfusedoijshdorhsffuohhsdflvjhsndjvhnddjljvddljfjhbboduchvfeoyuvreaouvuohelrihvbdisfuvheoifuhwdifpvuhsrfoivjnsivoiwdfh bfiohad dobiiab dude diburevwiubvrwervwbohi wrenuipbweivurewvriubghghghghghghghgghghfhfhfhfhjfwduighwefoijgnsdlkjbsdfoijfligsjrfhslkrfjhddwepijfghrspifvjhrsfpiguhsdoivfuhpstrbv Two men hang out together Someone hidding in the shadows someone stalking you Diks 🗣 sexy Strange Shadows NAMES JEFF Everthing That someone is following another person: Shadowing
Example of Use A couple of guys went to get lunch together.. The man had a shadow behind him.. The two men stood in the shadows.. I like the design of blue silhouettes and how they compliment each other.. The people were standing next to each other.. i went to see the blue man group Interacting with words there is a guy stalking me The two men hung out Two men just got married and now are going out for dinner diks smart This this ghost is a hidious freak 👥🃏🔕🔇 YOUR NAN HAS A TOY THAT SAYS MY NAMES JEFF I love this emoji cause I've got a dog myself The Man was shadowing me as I walked across the street