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👥 Busts In Silhouette Emoji

Noun Busts in sillhouette shadow shadows silhouettes people Business person A stalker Men Couple Persen meme Stalker Diks Group man Dog Ghost Shadow creatures YOUR NAN YOUR NANS NAN Men/Women 💩
Verb standing to shadow to hide stands to stand Reflective Stalk Hang out Going out for dinner Stalks to meme Hiding, talking Diks strong To run To stalk and posses Foreshadowing the future Dance Shadowing
Adjective blue shadowy hidden manly Shadow Weird Fun Couple Dangerous fluffy Stalking Diks handsome Transparent SOFT Cute Dark
Definition signifies more than one person This is a shadow behind a person. This is a shadow of two men. One blue silhouette is in front of the other one. These are two people. Talking to someone stalker Two men hang out together Someone hidding in the shadows someone stalking you Diks Γ°ΕΈβ€”Β£ Strange Shadows NAMES JEFF Everthing That someone is following another person: Shadowing Hugging
Example of Use A couple of guys went to get lunch together.. The man had a shadow behind him.. The two men stood in the shadows.. I like the design of blue silhouettes and how they compliment each other.. The people were standing next to each other.. i went to see the blue man group Interacting with words there is a guy stalking me The two men hung out Two men just got married and now are going out for dinner diks smart This this ghost is a hidious freak Γ°ΕΈβ€˜Β₯🃏ðŸ”‒ðŸ”‑ YOUR NAN HAS A TOY THAT SAYS MY NAMES JEFF I love this emoji cause I've got a dog myself The Man was shadowing me as I walked across the street Could never be mad at you