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bust in silhouette

👤 Bust In Silhouette Emoji

Noun man silhouette Shadow Conspiracy Person, shadow, mystical facebook men Unknown identity Head Unknown Heart Agent
Verb to be unknown to watch To darken to be To See To be alone To be sitting Talking Stand
Adjective mysterious spooky Darkened adult Seeing Alone Be depressed Black
Definition A silhouette of a man. this is silhouette of a guy This is a shadow. This is a man. He is a man This emoji embodies the shadowy force know as "The Man"; Big Brother, the military industrial complex. They/Them. Conspiracy Silhouette of man yelling Not using it very much. The stalker guy looking at you through your window man ITS FACEBOOK WHEN YOU HAVE NO PROFILE/ICON LMAO
Example of Use The figure was of a mysterious man.. I am not sure who the guy is.. She jumped when she saw the shadow of a man on the wall.. This is a symbol to denote an adult young man.. This man is strange. Be careful what you post; 👤 are 🔬. If someone says 'do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?' you can answer with a thumbs down and this Emoji.