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💔 Broken Heart Emoji

Noun heart Heartbreak broken heart F man Hi Paris,France nutz Max n tay Me Hduxjd Hearts that belong ❤️ crown Brocken heart Wyd What Hannah's heart was when Hassen Snapped - heart Harley Quinn Noah broke my heart Boy cat Mine Break up Heart conditions some bODY ONCE TOLD ME broken heart😭 heartbroken Lol Berry Major break up A boy named Kaden that loves a girl name Not in relation ship You heartbreak, sadness, break-up 😂 I school Oliver (Smith) 💔💔💔041💔 confused love love = death 💔=Me with no girlfriend 😭😫😰 suzeTTe Ms Qoutes
Verb break betrayed to break pumps blood Unalive to love Running Something me and andrew will never do Gagging chitchat My life Broken To be sad To love each other 💜 Cheated on What you doing To cheat on me to sleep To never have sex Snapped Walk To fall out fo love Divorce to break up Dabing Run away To run To brake ones heart 💜 Upset Broke ending a relationship, break-up 😂 want MUJERIEGO 💔✍️😑😐🙂8512.,,. &**** Suz Ms
Adjective broken Lovelorn sad lovely happy breaking up Glitch typified FMH saddness Heartbroken To love no matter what 💙 JOSH WILL BE MINE NOT RHEES Hey wyd Diss connected He cheated fuzzy ugly fatty Red. DUH! My ass Heartbreaking devestated horrible Cute Fluffy Broken, hurt, depressed, sad Red heart (not) Heart broken My heartbreak 😂 to Evil suzeTTe Ms
Definition heart breaking incident a loss of love this is a broken heart This is a nice heart This is a broken heart. You broke my heart breaking up Dj I see Paris I see pants I see yore under pants I'm dead inside It means heartbroken because the heart is broken unit two pieces What happens Two hearts that belong 💚 The boy cheated on his girlfriend. It means that you mean mean It means that someone wants to break up with you or they accidentally pushed the button What you doing i want to see if u can come over U Brock my heart He cheated for a hoe it means we r done Sadness Someone dumped me Break up Someone's heart being broken by possibly the end of the relationship or a loss Upsetting if someone dumped you I think he is cute but I hate him. Berry doesn't like me A boyfriend got agressive and broke the girls heart 😂 life Heart Breaker suzeTTe 👉👈💍🥳 Ms
Example of Use two hearts are separated. The lovelorn suitor felt heartbreak when his love betrayed him. please don't say that, you're breaking my heart. A heart always pumps blood. She broke his heart.. I went to Paris France and I went running the day I was their i will never break up with andrew I have been heartbroken by everyone i love If you loved me why'd you leave me💔 Girl: hey bf wyd? Boy: non of ur business Girl: that's it u have been to mean to me we are breaking up Boy:💔💔💔💔💔 Everyone only has a half heart until they find the other half 💛 The boy broke the girls heart by cheating on her fluffy IM SAD Mean Texting couple Boy:💔 Girl:Seriously I ACTUALLY LOVED YOU Boy:Sorry you just weren't the ONE for ME That it's a snapped heart Red heart with hey umm......💔 srry i just dont like you Santas fake kids This meand or could be shown to show sympathy or to fall out love with a long love parter or life long relationship or to show love I hate you. My life STINKS with you. I wanna divorce 😡😡😡 It didn't work out😭😭😭😭 I am heartbroken because you dumped me The boy was dancing and he is cute but I hate him. To have a fight with bestie or boyfriend Bahut pahle I don't like her, I didn't even know who she was before she gave me the freaking note You broke my heart bye see you in the New Years 💔 😂 myself OLIVER SMITH IS A HEART BREAKER!!! My heart is broken suzeTTe Ms