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👦 Boy Emoji

Noun Boy face Eat Kid Danisnotonfire Young boy Person i like turtles Teenage boy 19 brown
Verb smile smiling to smile living Nervous Dansnotonfire is smiling Danisnotonfire is smiling Eyes open smiling running Smiles To smiles boi
Adjective happy smiley young Lovely Danisnotonfire is kawaii Lighting Lighting bolt Small flat Cute boy
Definition a male child a smiling, happy boy a boy smiling A young form of a man Young male of human beings Danisnotonfire Brit light Young youth Boy Girl video games , pizza , hamburger
Example of Use The happy boy was smiling. The happy boy smiled all day long.. I am happy today. The boy was growing big and strong.. The boy is calm and cool. Danisnotonfire is a wonderful human being, though he may not think so himself, we all love him. His quirks, his personality, his sense of humor, and the fact that he makes people happy every day. Glasses broke A young youth that brings life Girl emoji he is not smiling