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💣 Bomb Emoji

Noun bomb alluh akbar BO, bus Gun KAREN kimberly duh Me a explosive object Klee
Verb explosion blast explode booming to explode To go boom boom Boom boom to bomb or destroy Bomb
Adjective explosion strong fire dangerous Fluffy Knife to be explosive or like a bomb High-explosive
Definition its a bomb an explosive device an explosive device used to destroy things This is a bomb. Death Ka-BOOM. 1
Example of Use I'm going to blow up the bomb.. The soldier used many bombs in war.. Stay away from the bomb.. That is a bomb. "I'm going to take the bomb with me. You go distract them while I bomb the orphanage." "Are you sure it'll work? Is it High-explosive or just another dud like last time?" "Don't worry man, This baby's going to make one HELL of a KA-BOOM when it goes off. Now let's get to it!" fefefe