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🌼 Blossom Emoji

Noun Sunflower flower Blossom Daisy Tournesol dog pizza Yellow blossom Papatya Gx Sarı papatya
Verb Growing to bloom blossoming blooming to smell Sits still Flower Living Bloom Beautiful Papatya Flowerz
Adjective To grow yellowish yellow tiny beautiful beautiful(like me) Blossom White Papatya Ds
Definition A sunflower grows This is a flower. blossoming flower A flower that sprouts from a plant A beautiful structure that grows on plants This flower is pretty It means my name. Sun flower Papatya Aba
Example of Use I'm growing sunflowers. The flowers are beautiful.. The blossoming flower smells sweet.. The flower blossomed in the spring.. Pluck a bunch of flowers. I would like to pick some sunflowers A Daisy emoji sits still and is beautiful. This is a flower that seems like a sun flower that is blossoming and living Papatya