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blond-haired person

👱 Blond-haired Person Emoji

Noun Boy young boy mmmm not impressed Man 🏮 Flashlight Clown 🌏🌊 husband
Verb to look To grow smiles smile Play to smile mmmm unhappy uj858i To be light headed Shine Clown
Adjective looking Childlike cutely blonde To play arian mmmm ertyuyu Bright Clown
Definition This is a boy This is a boy. This is a smile of boy. A boy is a young man. A little boy 🏮 🔦 Clown 😄🐼🐫🏫🏫🏫🏫👘👘🔱🎽🎽🗽
Example of Use The boy looks beautiful. The boy sometimes got in trouble, but was a good kid overall.. Happiness brings a smile in the face.. A boy is opposite of a girl.. I saw a little boy playing. Dress -plooplko0ik,ijik Ik Clown 🤡🤡