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⬛ Black Large Square Emoji

Noun box Malevich's Black Square folder Black box BlAcK SqUaRe h bob s sa
Verb colored to corner to symbolize close symbolizing bob s sad
Adjective black full black, square Ø·ØΒͺΓ›Ε’Γ˜ΒͺΓ›Β³Γ˜Β§Γ™β€‘Γ˜Β« bob s dsa
Definition A way of showing color This is a black square. This is Malevich's Black Square. This is a file folder. a large boxy shape bob s sads
Example of Use the button was colored a deep black. The object is behind the black square.. Malevich's Black Square is full of hidden meaning.. Put the papers in the folder.. The black box signified the checking of the survey line.. It's a black square. I will. example bob s sadsa