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🏀 Basketball Emoji

Noun basketball basektball King James LeBron is the Best Basketball Player of n and Kobe Gabrielle R. Smiley Rylee Smiley aaSAs Basketball Gym dixieparba kobe Its a thing
Verb to throw To bounce play bounce to dribble Bouncy dribbling fun ASasdads To yow the ball into the hoop
Adjective orange brown basketball Bouncy Fun round gripable energetic enerjetic adsadsasa Cadenced Sport
Definition this is a baketball This is a basketball. A game in which players try to get a ball into a net A basketball is a ball played in the sport basketball. Baller Awesome i use it all the time. I send it to everyone I know. Play basketball and win a match B-Ball is life in every way! dsadsadsa I’m into basketball Γ°ΕΈβ€˜Ε’ Sports
Example of Use want to shoot some hoops later?. that is a brown basketball. The player dribbled the basketball down the court.. Many people find it fun to play basketball. Players shoot a basketball into hoops.. A basketball is to dribble and shoot, when you touch it it is gripable. We won a🏀Match I am Rylee and I am energetic,fun, and am very Smiley when I play basketball. asdasdsada Cadence yowed the 🏀 into the hoop and we all said “BOOM SHAKALAKA!”