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💈 Barber Pole Emoji

Noun pole barber decoration i want to hump it weights What is this tijeras Tesoura elit kuafor
Verb to cut to shave cut to attract advertise I don't know what this is Barber 31
Adjective cleanly shaven hairy striped What is this Barber 21
Definition This a striped pole. This icon means barber shop. This is a barber shop pole. This is a striped sign. A way of showing that the business has someone who cuts hair barber I don't know what this is 22
Example of Use I went to the barbershop and saw a striped pole.. Do you know a good barber?. The pole was outside the barber shop.. He attracted people to the barber shop with a striped sign.. The striped pole traditionally advertised the services of a barber. i went to the barber yesterday What is this Barber 31 22 21 elit kuafor