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🍌 Banana Emoji

Noun banana Kayla Bananers SasuXsaku ALEXIS Marco ate my banana Karen did too The banana club, Hanna AMY banana a fruit grown in America bob 21 savage Bananna minion Banana 🍌 cool Person v 😳🍌👋 KHLiL
Verb pealed Eating to peel To Eat dicl To gobble up Sakura stripping HAS A BIG BANANA cool A M Y Peeling Eat Gross run Banana 🍌 f 🍌👋😳🍌👋😞🍌👋😲🍌 KHLIL
Adjective yellow To eat a banana Banana is Tasty Lolz AWESOME Long Uncut smooth Bleh ugly Yellow banana 🍌 cool ff 🧘🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋 KHLìL yummyyy
Definition yellow banana A fruit that has a peel This is a partially peeled yellow banana. Banana is Healthy ------------------------- marjana is a banana HOLLY IS AMAZING WHEN ALEXIS IS BEING SILLY AND PLAYING SILLY GAMES bananana, banono,= ranks in the banana club Edible YUMMY! Really gross a up and down p****s in a a**s Eat da banana 🍌 cool fff 😳🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋🍆😞😳🌋😔 KHLiL its my favvv
Example of Use I pealed the yellow banana for a snack.. I had a banana for breakfast. Monkeys love to eat a banana. The man peeled the yellow banana.. Daily a Banana Keeps Doctor Away. Holly and Marjana are amazing :) the bananna is getting ready for a good time tonight. ALEXIS IS A BANANA The banana is yum!🍌 Bleh. Bananas are Disgusting. poopy bananas Bad 🍑🍌 Yuummmmmy cool 🍌 fff Eatenjoy 😍🧘🧗👯🧜🧚🤱🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋🍌👋😳🌋😔 KHLIL