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🛄 Baggage Claim Emoji

Noun suitcase Baggage Claim suitcase icon Emoji Bag
Verb to pack claiming to travel is blue move To print
Adjective personal designated area blue slow Puffy
Definition a case with a handle and a hinged lid, used for carrying clothes and other personal possessions. an area to pick up bags when traveling this is a suitcase white suitcase symbol on blue background. Airport luggage carousel Funny kind and friendliness Tell someone to pack your bags
Example of Use I packed my personal belongings in my suitcase.. Jill picked up her travel luggage at the baggage claim.. have you seen my suitcase at your house. the blus suitcase icon was pushed on Doug's smartphone.. I am going to the main level of airport to pick up my stuff. puffy Please pack your bags Tell someone to pack your bags.