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backhand index pointing down

👇 Backhand Index Pointing Down Emoji

Noun Down finger hand bottom Thing Mad look Tou Heart 😌 Look at my next text message Here GG Fern Dog
Verb Pointing To descend to point To point down Thrill Get-down To promise
Adjective To point Descending pointing down pointed Hard Soft Low Firmly
Definition To point in the down direction This is a hand indicating "downward." This is a pointing finger. the hand is pointing up This is a pointing hand. Down your vigina Look at it BECKY Go down dog (Y) Get over here GG Fern was pointing very firmly
Example of Use I pointed down. "The sale is down there, in the basement," he said, pointing at the floor.. The index finger is pointing downward.. look at this picture below. Watch where the hand is pointing.. "Please suck" Get over here GG Fern was pointing firmly