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🍼 Baby Bottle Emoji

Noun bottle a bottle feeding bottle an alcoholic beverage LEAN🍼💉 Bleach Baby bottle baby BABYhollie Sag FudgZfdfdfsGvngvcFb Do.🏨🏩🗻🌋🐩👿😱😳😇ð milka mommy milekrs` mom
Verb tipping to feed a baby to feed feeding to drink an alcoholic beverage Tasty beverage to drink BABYHollie Co👯💆🙇🙋💁🙆🙅💃👭 rdrbomnka awoogga drink
Adjective warm hungry small alcoholicy and beveragey Acidic hard BABYhollie Więcej.🙆💁💆🚶🛀💃💁💇🏂🚵🚴👯 big milky
Definition warm bottle a representation of a baby being fed milk this is a bottle This is a baby bottle. its a feeding bottle what yo bf gives you when you call him daddy a beverage with alcohol Tasty beverage BABYhollie Pooiu💅💑💏👪💟💖👣👃❤💛💚💕💕💔👙👘👢👓👚💭💦👖👕👗👔👜💣👠👠👡👟💬💫💨💥💄👒👑💍💎🐩🌿🐝🌼🌻🌹💮🐙🍲🍦 hot mmmm yumt bomner food for babies
Example of Use The warm baby bottle may tip over.. I need to feed the baby soon.. the person over the age of 21 (drink responsibly) consumed an alcoholic beverage Jack drank bleach to kill himself the baby has a bottle of a milk Qerop.🎂🍻🍺🌋🌐🌌⛺🚼🚻🚺🚹🚯🚳🚾🚾🚸🚷🚱🚯🚭jskskks bonkab oinga awaooraa bagongdakoinkers hotteis come Mom drink food for babies