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👶 Baby Emoji

Noun baby Boy Navi dougie BABY IS A POOPOO! Allan Cat Babe BABY BOI Cute Oh a baby gross a very young child, especially one newly πŸ‘Ά nae nae baby Bab bay
Verb happy care cute cry to baby slowley fast Wormed It is something that is something Quick Cries Selling to the hood treat (someone) as a baby; pamper or be ❀ baby babby Bath
Adjective sweet cute lively ugly Small and pink Chubby Cuddly Little sexy bit of ass comparatively small or immature of its kind. 🌈 naughty Youer dumb
Definition This is a baby face A young human child young ones of human beings A baby is a small human being this is a baby Navi dougie the baby Werid Lots of love I hate babies Small Immature Childish Baby πŸ•Ž naughty baby Love
Example of Use The baby was happy to see their mom. Babies may be cute but they require alot of care. the boy is very naughty. A baby cries.. i'm pregnant. Navi= baby dougie,fast,cute Allan wormed over the small and pink weird unicorn The village and the little things are going to be a heartbreaker lyrics to the little things are good at all possible that you have a Phone call to action to get the latest in my life. My babe is chubby and quick The cuddly baby cried Baby's are ugly I'm sorry but i just hate em ok-there only a LITTEL cute but I don't like them there crybabies sorry but there πŸ’©-Olivia Two babies together with a heart in center "his wife's just had a baby" "a baby grand piano" "her aunt babied her and fussed over her clothes" πŸ› naughty baby All this baby so weird I eat children, mostly babies.