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✈ Airplane Emoji

Noun plane Aeroplane Jet a jet Boeing 373 A PLANE G5 jet Airoplane Γ’Ε“Λ† what FIGHTER JET PILOT jet fighter
Verb fly To fly to travel FLYING IN A PLANE To elevate Flying jet
Adjective jumbo airy travelling fast FLYING Ambitious Blue and White what is this
Definition This is a jumbo jet a vehicle having wings & that flies in the air A way of moving people through the air very quickly This is a plane This is a jet. IT MEANS UR GOING IN A PLANE @G5jetmindset Just a plane f22
Example of Use I like flying to distant places in a jumbo jet.. It makes us reach fast. I flew to Europe on a jumbo jet. The plane flies through the air.. Let's take a trip soon.. IM GOING INA PLANE TO GO TO AFRICA I know Bryan will be successful, he has a G5 jet mindset. The plane is flying across the sky flying airplane figher F-22 raptor defeats a F-16 fighting falcon!!!! U.S fighter jet