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🆚 VS Button Emoji

Noun versus versus box sign Person Wallis Verses, Γ°ΕΈΛœβ€¦ Vnhvbbhvjbbbfgjbcgjvcvbnjnbvcvv.
Verb verse To compete clicks challenge To compete,
Adjective compare Competing orange competitive Persecuted Plastic,
Definition to compare This is the abbreviation for the word "versus". The orange is orange. This is a gold box with VS in white. This is a sign indicating opposition. A sign that divides something into two sides that compete with each other.
Example of Use Brown vs. Board of Education.. The persecuted man always felt like it was him vs. the entire world.. The orange button that says vs on it clicks loudly when you push it.. Please record the shows where one team vs another.. The groups were one versus the other.. Zelda Spellmen vs. Hilda Spellmen