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♏ Scorpius Emoji

Noun the scorpion Sign symbol The Scorpius Scorpion vriska Scorpio sign Scorpio Amanda
Verb to predict reading star signs to live born click LITTY Scorpio-ing
Adjective superstitious astrological scorpio purple November is just that month Scorpish
Definition Icon denotes the Scorpio zodiac sign. to have astrological sign This is the astrology symbol for Scorpio. zodiac symbol for scorpio This is an m button. Scorpios are the bomb they're LITTY asff A person who was born in under the sign of Scorpio num gum The best zodiac sign. Period.
Example of Use I am not a Scorpio, I'm a Sagittarius.. This is your astrological sign.. I am a Scorpio.. I am a scorpio. Click on the button that says m.. I'm a Scorpio Betsy was born on November 1st, she is a Scorpio. qam