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🆘 SOS Button Emoji

Noun sign HELP SYMBOL warning Emergency SOS sink dog Water Michelle something / I / you / here im at school Chuy
Verb to warn SIGNALING FOR HELP help to assist To ask for help Walk to be wrong / to need
Adjective dangerous RED distressed helpful Tall sos / right now
Definition This is an SOS sign. SOS MEANS YOU'RE IN DISTRESS AND NEED HELP This is an SOS signal. Icon for emergency / send help / international symbol of distress It means to be in the bathroom Ew
Example of Use If you are in danger, call SOS, or save our ship.. WE SENT OUT A SOS SIGNAL AFTER OUR PLANE CRASHED.. The boat issued an SOS as it began to sink.. I sent out an SOS to everybody.. I need an SOS.. Michelle is walking to the bathroom and finds out she is tall