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🆘 SOS Button Emoji

Noun sign HELP SYMBOL warning Emergency SOS sink dog Water Michelle something / I / you / here im at school Chuy sus
Verb to warn SIGNALING FOR HELP help to assist To ask for help Walk to be wrong / to need imp Ek Drnrjdjdjdjsnsns
Adjective dangerous RED distressed helpful Tall sos / right now crew Jrrjdjdjsjsjsj
Definition This is an SOS sign. SOS MEANS YOU'RE IN DISTRESS AND NEED HELP This is an SOS signal. Icon for emergency / send help / international symbol of distress It means to be in the bathroom Ew imposter Ejejdjjtnddjfkgkf
Example of Use If you are in danger, call SOS, or save our ship.. WE SENT OUT A SOS SIGNAL AFTER OUR PLANE CRASHED.. The boat issued an SOS as it began to sink.. I sent out an SOS to everybody.. I need an SOS.. Michelle is walking to the bathroom and finds out she is tall help sos its the mo Eialwpfosp