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🇵🇱 Poland Emoji

Noun Flag of Poland KURWA Flag GOOD PERSON polish fan stary poland flag Country Polska poland POLISH GIRLS ARE THE BEST Opolskie pazdan fake POLSKI FAN NARODOWY
Verb Poland GOOD LIFE go to Poland turla siΓ„β„’ Elko Elko hi ♥️ Polska gurom running
Adjective KURWA White LOVE so cool POland COUNTRY WITH PRETTIEST GIRLS stunning occupied
Definition A country in Central Europe. Pope St. John Paul II was from Poland. KURWA Red this emoji means a lot to me because I have a house there komunizm Poland proud i love poland my home LOVE
Example of Use KURWA Polish BEST COUTRY EVER! be a polish fan twoja stara Poland is the BEST!!!!!!!!! deadstars poland is my home, its looks stunning when your running. its stunning when your running in poland or my home