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🇵🇭 Philippines Emoji

Noun Philippine Flag Honorable dima squatting slav PHILIPPINES, Philippines, Pearl of the O Philippine Flag, Filipino Flag a flag multuhan abra Place Pencil I HAVE PHILIPINES I CAME FROM PHILIPINES emoji ur smart Philippine JENICA tree Justine Ha saf s house ? Flag sa Philippines Cheesy Burger 🤟 a jolibee hi Person cool poop philipines place
Verb dima Squat GOING PH TO BE LOYAL TO PH Being proud Poopie Pencil i like my langunge UwU emoji- flag Ja s a AWDS s wow ? ds Philipp Cheesy Burger 💛 oh a acting WORD
Adjective Philippine dima small GREAT, AWESOME, AMAZING COUNTRY Love, Life Filipino very sunny and nice place i love foodz UwU i love foodz UwU for in philipines (i came from philipines) motivation Philippine flag Jo s ? ds Burger 😝 a WORD
Definition Philippine flag Blue stands for peace and red stands for war ☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭ slavs Filipino Flag: Blue stands for peace, Red stands for war, Three stars stand for the three main island groups EVERYTHING Nopw WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i love oreo (there's a Oreo in the philipines) sence of pride flags Ha Amazing country we pilipino's live ! s mad ? ds my nationality The burger emoji means to me is food. 🌜 a IT REALLY MEANS TO ME
Example of Use okedoky☭ squating slavs are squatting I want to go to the Philippines, Philippines is great., Filipino people are so kind. I AM FROM THE PHILIPPINES . Proud to be Pinoy! Happy Independence day a flag that is very nice and i love EVERYTHING about it This is a _Poopie Pencil_ I FROM PHILIPINES! and im a pinoy:D the one that matters Lo WA s always in a toilet ? Philippines flag Philippine flag 🙄 a IDK?