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🇩🇪 Germany Emoji

Noun Flag German flag Germany Nazi HEIL Berlin Kaiser Deutschland
Verb To Host waving symbolizing wave 3TH Heil Grüßen nothing Blitzkrieg
Adjective Hosting German flag colorful Patriotic Red black yellow REICH Capitalism L cool mean deutsch gut Holocost
Definition This is a Flag a flag representative of the country Germany This is a flag representing Germany. A fabric banner German nazi germany and the 2nd reich Nazi reich Fascism happy death Most beautiful country in the world everything good
Example of Use The president is hosting the flag. The German flag is waving.. Germany's flag is yellow, red and black.. He folded the German flag.. The colorful flag waved in the breeze. German heil nazi germany and also 2nd reich!!! heil nazi germany and glorious leader hitler Nazi reich i love Deutschland is the most beautiful country in the world