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♊ Gemini Emoji

Noun the twis roman numeral sign Gemini Complex personality Sollux Dog 3
Verb to predict to count to live symbolizing to display Twin activities
Adjective superstituous two Gemini purple violet Complicated love life Red & Blue
Definition Icon denotes the zodia sign gemini This is the roman numeral for the number two. This is the Gemini astrology sign. zodiac sign This is a sign. Gemini is a complicated person. Sollux Captor From Homestuck
Example of Use What months are Gemini born in?. She used a roman numeral for the number two.. I am a Gemini.. John was born in early June so he is a Gemini.. This sign is used in astrology.. You never fully know who you are in love with when you love a Gemini. Sollux Captor From Homestuck