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♊ Gemini Emoji

Noun the twis roman numeral sign Gemini Complex personality Sollux Dog
Verb to predict to count to live symbolizing to display Twin activities
Adjective superstituous two Gemini purple violet Complicated love life Red & Blue
Definition Icon denotes the zodia sign gemini This is the roman numeral for the number two. This is the Gemini astrology sign. zodiac sign This is a sign. Gemini is a complicated person. Sollux Captor From Homestuck
Example of Use What months are Gemini born in?. She used a roman numeral for the number two.. I am a Gemini.. John was born in early June so he is a Gemini.. This sign is used in astrology.. You never fully know who you are in love with when you love a Gemini. Sollux Captor From Homestuck