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🔚 END Arrow Emoji

Noun arrow End with Left arrow Sign Ending Wank Masturbate man Wanker Wanking A wank
Verb to point mark Pointing ending points To wank wanking Wank Masterbating Make love Masterbate masturbate Masturbates Penis
Adjective pointed arrow mark End left directly Hard Wanking Pink
Definition This is a pointed arrow. its a symbol MEans move to the end take a left for the end The arrow point to the end of something. End End of wanking your mom off fun Dno
Example of Use The arrow pointed to the end.. its shows the end. He did not know where to end but when he saw the end with left arrow emoji he knew to go to the lef.t. Please go to the left to end.. I found the end of the tunnel by following the arrow. I love twanking Masturbate I need to go for a wank