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♋ Cancer Emoji

Noun Cancer Astrology 69 sign dog Karkat karkalicious definition makes terezi loc kxbxrx Cancer Sign Love 69ing with Cancer
Verb to click symbolizing To divine to insinuate to predict BAD THINGS lesbian to love 69'ing eachother Sex Have cancer ❀️ Sore sex
Adjective purple Ancient dirty mysterious WEIRD fastly loveable Sex Hot
Definition This is a purple button. horoscope sign using the stars to try to determine the future this is an astrological sign GROSSNESS lesbians everything U would use it if somebody u were texting about had cancer. Pretty πŸ˜‚ LOLS WASHRAG CANCER
Example of Use I clicked on the decorative, purple button.. John was born in early July so he is a Cancer.. Astrology is the ancient practice of using the stars to divine the future. he asked me to 69 and i laughed. the woman checks her zodiac sign to see what might happen to her. lesbians The purple cancer sign was not used My gf is hot I'm sorry your diagnosed with cancer Nah just kidding