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🇨🇦 Canada Emoji

Noun Canada True North polar bears Maple Leaf Canada Flag Canada Mr Canada The Canucks better than the US now Caanada The flag of the best country in the worl s leaf 🟥🍁🟥 hand
Verb Place Strong Canadian Free Smohkhing weerd Strong and free Will absorb America one day float 🟥🍁🟥
Adjective Cold Free Red White maple leaf middle Canadian Strong Accent True north red 🟥🍁🟥
Definition Canuck, Maple Syrup, Wildlife, Beauty It's Canadian made, from Canada We the North Canada has laughter my friend made that up. Canada Ha ha ha ha ha he said Canada for the strong and free.. Canada for the strong and free. We're nice, hi :D floating leaf 🟥🍁🟥
Example of Use America above USA a 🇨🇦 🟥🍁🟥