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🇦🇱 Albania Emoji

Noun Flag of Albania Albania Existing 💩💩💩 dgfg Country ILLYRIANS SERBS ARE MAD Aniyah DINARIC SUPREMACY albania f,ag
Verb Albanistan best nation ... traffickers fdfgfgggdffh CRY SERBS jumped Rroftë Balli Kombëtar love it
Adjective oi lads how do wiggle wiggle criminals jfujdfghdkuydkykgh BEST NATION pretty beautiful
Definition love Flag for best African country thieves new country created in 1912 albania Its a nationality 2000 BC >2006 a nice flag i love it
Example of Use Albania is neat all crime flows from Albania fhtrhfgjutykj CRY ABOUT IT i love the albanian flag